Cat Anesthesia-Free Teeth Cleaning

Cat Anesthesia-Free Teeth Cleaning


People often ask us at clinics, do you do cat as well? We do!


Benefits of Anesthesia-free Cat Teeth Cleaning

Anesthesia-free cat teeth cleaning has the same benefits as canine teeth cleaning. Tartar build up on a cat’s teeth can damage the gums, which can lead to inflammation, infection, and disease.


How Anesthesia-free Cat Teeth Cleaning Works

We use the same method for cats as we do with small dogs. We use a small towel and wrap them up in a cozy cocoon. This method keeps their legs away from their face, and it helps them relax. Being wrapped in this way helps calm pets be cause of the sensation of being swaddled; you may have heard of Thunder Shirts, which use the same principle of swaddling.

Once the cat is snuggled in, we hand-scale the teeth. Tartar is scraped off the teeth, inside and out, and then the teeth are hand polished. We use a soft roll of cotton to hold open the cat’s mouth in order to remove tartar from the inside of the mouth. We use our hands to hold back the lips in order to reach the very back teeth. In this way, we are able to reach all the teeth to remove the tartar.

Please check out our Cat Cleaning page for more information about our services.

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  1. dayna says:

    how much is it for dog teeth cleaning we live in port coquitlam

    • admin says:

      Hi Dayna,

      The cost is $179+gst for dogs of all sizes! Thanks for getting in touch and I hope we can meet you and your doggie soon! Please don’t ever hesitate to give us a call with more questions. 604-363-2264.


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