My J.R. ‘Bolt’ is super happy he didn’t have to have those nasty shots etc., to have his teeth cleaned, and is looking forward to his next visit. He tells all his friends its the only way to go!!

Brenda B

Hi, Thank you for the follow-up. Browz is doing very well and we didn’t have any after problems. Thanks again for the patient treatment you gave him. Much better than the last treatment we had with a different place. We will be returning. Thanks

Browz, Rene & Stephen

We love you guys .You saved us a lot of money that we could have not put out and gave our dogs fresh breath and good health. We will always bring our dogs to you, Thank you

Mike & Michelle Adkins

You guys were amazing, I was skeptical, but what a great job, great service, thank you so much.


We highly recommend Anesthesia Free cleaning for any dog! It takes less than 1 hour and no side affects or worry other than an empty water dish and a tired puppy. They even sang to our ‘little girl’, too cute :)

Cindy & Sabrina

Sincere thanks for your care during the process, and will certainly request you again

Ken and Kira

Mozart and I had a good experience, and we are really pleased with the improvement in his teeth and his breath.

Rebecca and Mozart

I half expected my dog to be traumatized afterwards, but not only did he seem fine, his teeth looked amazing. Because he had quite bad plaque before, I didn’t expect they would be able to get all of it, but his teeth were completely clean and white! Not only did they do an absolutely amazing job on my dog’s teeth, even their follow-up customer service was great. Overall, I am very pleased with the whole experience, thrilled with the outcome, and will definitely return!

Jenny and Hershey

The experience was great and eye-opening!

Brian and Buckley

I thought the dental cleaning was just great! Many thanks, it certainly was a positive experience SO much better than putting him under.

Aki and Fontune

Lita seemed not to even notice the event :)

Marilou and Lita

Her breath is *so* much better now.

Debra and Lyla

Tila’s breath was so much better!! Thanks so much for all you do

Bonnie and Tila