About Us

All K9 Gentle Dental practitioners are recruited for their experience of working with dogs. In an effort to offer the best possible service, we obtained our training from the only state-accredited, academically recognized training program taught by a veterinarian specializing in this particular field. After completing this 40+ hour training program in Denver, Colorado, we developed our own extensive K9 Gentle Dental tech training program in-house. We also collaborate with a local holistic veterinarian to continuously build on our understanding and better serve our k9 clients.

Please note that anesthesia-free teeth cleaning for dogs is not a government-regulated profession in Canada. Any organization or company can issue a professional-sounding certificate to their students and/or people who pay a membership fee, so it is important to know that someone who advertises as being ‘certified’ may or may not be adequately qualified. K9 Gentle Dental works with dog stores, daycares, groomers and rescue groups to offer our teeth cleaning services to hundreds of dogs each month throughout multiple cities in British Columbia and Alberta.