DIY Presents for Dog Owners

The holiday season is fast approaching and with it comes gift-giving season. DIY gifts are a great way to save your bank account and give a little more meaning with your gifts. Chances are you know a few people who are as crazy about their pets as you are. Here are some adorable DIY gifts you can make with a small budget and a bit of craftiness.

dog dentistDog Collar from a button down shirt

This is a super easy DIY present that requires no sewing (if you get the right size shirt).

  1. Find a cute button up shirt
  2. Cut off the collar making sure to keep the top button
  3. Voila! You have a cute collar you can button on your dog. If it’s too big, you and always replace the button further along the collar for a tighter fit.

Check out this picture tutorial here:

Pet First Aid Kit

(found at

It’s easy to create a simple pet first aid kit. Get a container that closes so all the bits and pieces don’t fall out. Then fill it with essential first aid materials like

  • gauze
  • cotton pads
  • bandages
  • scissors
  • tweezers
  • saline
  • antiseptics
  • cold pack
  • emergency blanket

Love the idea but want the easy way out? You can get a complete pet first aid kit from our friends at Walks N Wags for only $35.00 (

Dog Dental Care
Photo from original blog.

Vintage Leather Dog Collar

Another great collar idea, all you need is an old belt, some scissors, and a leather punch (or just use a knife if you’re ok with a rugged look)

Here are the simple steps:

  1. Cut the belt a few inches longer than it need to be to fit around the dog’s neck (or get the collar size from the dog’s owner). You can cut it straight, or in a V shape.
  2. Punch holes with a leather punch or bore the holes with a sharp knife (be careful!) a few centimeters apart along the first few inches of the collar.
  3. If the belt has a metal loop to hold the end of the belt in, you can attach your leash to that. If not, you can pick up a metal hoop at most sewing or hardwares stores that you can simply thread the collar through.
  4. All done! Wrap it up in a lovely box for a great present.

See the full tutorial here:

Homemade Dog Treats

Holiday season is treat time, for dogs too! Here is a great blog post with 9 different homemade dog treat recipes like Carob Crunchers for wheat-sensitive pups or Best of Breed Dog Biscuits – A vegetarian, vet-approved recipe.

Check it out here:

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