Dog of the Month July Edition– The Newfoundland Dog!

It’s time for our next Dog of the Month! For the month of July we are featuring the Newfoundland breed, a.k.a the Newfie. July 1st, as we all know, is Canada’s 151st birthday. What better way to celebrate than by featuring a Canadian breed?

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Many stories have been told of the courage displayed by Newfoundlands in lifesaving exploits. Over the last two centuries, this has inspired a number of artists, who have portrayed the dogs in paint, stone, bronze, and porcelain.

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One famous Newfoundland was a dog named “Seaman”, who accompanied American Explorers Lewis and Clark on their famed expedition! A monument of Seaman in Columbia View Park in St. Helens, Oregon is shown in the picture above ( Captain Meriwether Lewis adopted Seaman while he was waiting for the completion of the boats used for their famous expedition in August of 1803. He was the only animal to complete the full grueling voyage. There were quite a few monuments constructed including him throughout the United States, and Seaman has made it into quite a few novels retelling the expedition. ( Obviously, this Canadian dog has captured hearts across the land!

Dog Tooth CleaningAnother famous Newfie is ‘Whizz’. At 168 pounds and 6 feet tall when he stands on his hind legs, Whizz is known as “the Best Water Rescue Dog In The World”. He uses his webbed paws and immense strength for water rescue and has pulled up to 12 people out of the water at one time ( This is Whizz plunging into the water!

Whizz was presented with the PDSA Order of Merit and the Posthumous Animal OBE award for outstanding devotion in saving the lives of nine people and another pooch that were stranded in the water. He has rescued many people from the water over his 12 years of service. (  

Dental Cleaning For DogsAnd who remembers Peter Pan? The nanny for the children was ‘Nana’, also a Newfoundland. Very well suited breed for the role! Sweet-natured Nana was first introduced to the public by Scottish novelist and playwright J. M. Barrie in his 1904 play, Peter Pan, which became the well-loved kids’ story we know today. He was right about how he portrayed this breed; The Newfoundland is a lover of children. They are naturally gentle and friendly with them, as well as protective. Kids certainly love playing with their fluffy tails and big ears! Fans of this breed say the Newfoundland really is a natural-born babysitter. (

Dog Dental Cleaning‘Newfies’ are considered a giant breed, weighing between 100-150 pounds at adulthood. Like giant teddy bears, they have a very thick coat, which makes them water resistant and keeps them warm in chilly weather. Because of their thick coats they thrive in colder climates. Newfies are classic love-bugs; these dogs love spending time with their families and do well in an active home as they require a lot of exercise. Don’t be fooled though, these giants love to snuggle and will sit right on your lap–whether they actually fit or not! (

Dental Cleaning For DogsThey have large heads and large, cute floppy ears. Their thick double coats can come in a variety of colors like black, brown or white, or black and white combo (called Landseers). They also have an extra special feature: wide paws with webbing in between their toes to help them swim ( As puppies, their coats are extremely fluffy, but grow a little more coarse to slick off water as they get older. They have large, droopy jowls, so like most giant breeds, you have to expect some drool. All these features combine to make Newfies the perfect cuddle-bug!

Newfoundlands are truly another amazing breed! We are so happy to share some of their history and character with you this month in celebration of Canada. Stay tuned for our next Dog of the Month–what could be in store for August?

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