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All Paws Massage

Dog Dentist

The owner of All Paws Massage, Marta Banat is an Animal Massage Professional and Reiki Master teacher. She started her own journey with holistic approaches to pet care after her dog, Rocco, was diagnosed with epilepsy. Seeing the benefits of massage first hand, she decided to take her studies further and received training in Small and Large Animal Massage from NorthWest School of Animal Massage and Reiki from Sacred Tree Wellness Centre. If you have a pet, you can click here to know Litter Robot 2 Vs Litter Robot 3: The Real Differences, which will prove to be extremely helpful for you.

In addition to massage, Marta is also trained in craniosacral, acupressure and aromatherapy. She believes that the key to wellness is maintaining balance between body, mind and spirit. Each massage session is unique as she sets intention on guiding your animal in helping them achieve that balance.

Dog Dental Care

Hummingbird Healing

Teeth Cleaning for DogsI’m Jaclyn, a Usui Reiki Master. I am also a wife and mother of one beautiful girl. After going through some life challenges and trauma, Reiki has completely changed my life. Because of this I am following my calling of sharing Reiki with people and animals.

The moment I saw how powerful Reiki is for healing and treating animals, I made the decision to branch out and include pets and animals as part of my practice. My beloved dog Charlie is terrified of loud banging noises, especially fireworks. He hides and shakes, and I used to feel so helpless during these times. All I could do was sit with him and try my best to comfort him. Once I began to practice Reiki and the next big holiday that included fireworks was happening, I sat with Charlie in his favourite spot and gave him a treatment before the fireworks started. Once the show started Charlie was still scared but I noticed a huge difference in him. I then kept giving him Reiki throughout the evening and I couldn’t believe how calm and relaxed he was compared to past fireworks shows. 

Once I saw the huge effect Reiki had on my own pet, I knew this was something that needed to be shared with other pets and animals.

Dog Dentist

Positive Paws Training

Dog Dental CareHolly Ovington is the Owner and Trainer of Positive Paws Training,  a positive reinforcement dog training company based in Vancouver, BC..  She has experience showing dogs, working in dog daycare’s and as a dog walker right up until she started the company. 

After observing the harmful methods used behind closed doors for training pets, she learned the industry is unregulated, meaning that anyone can decide to be a dog trainer without certification. She knew she wanted to be an advocate for training with force free methods and became certified through the Karen Pryor Academy. 

Holly works hard to promote humane training methods and to educate the general public about the harms of aversive methods such as prong, shock and choke collars. Our  training regimen offers one-on-one private training in Vancouver, Burnaby and New Westminster. Private training begins with a consult for Holly to get an understanding of your dog. She figures out what your goals are, come up with some management and exercises for you to begin. She then will recommend either 2 session, 4 session or 6 session packages to meet your goals. Positive Paws Training also offers group Puppy and Manners classes in New Westminster.

Dog Teeth Cleaning

Stay Pooched


Dog DentistWhy did you start your business?

To surround myself with work that brings me the purest form of joy – dogs & nature.

Describe the services you offer.

Private Walk – One-on-one with your dog & their walker, geared to suit your specific needs

Urban Walk – Neighbourhood leash walk with 2 – 3 compatible dogs, occasionally visiting designated off leash areas in downtown Vancouver. No vehicle required.

Adventure Walk – Off leash trail & beach group walk with 4 – 6 compatible dogs. Vehicle pick up & drop off.

Boarding – Your dog has a sleepover at one of our sitters’ homes

Dog Sitting – One of our sitters will come care for your dog in the comfort of their own home.

What is your favourite part of your work day?

Oh boy, there are so many amazing parts of my work day! But I have to say, there is nothing more fulfilling than the greetings I receive upon every pick up. Who doesn’t love kisses, tail wags, smiles and hugs?

How do you assess your clients beforehand?

Step 1: New client request form

Step 2: Short phone consultation,

Step 3: In person meet and greet with client and their dog to go over a series of questions & demonstrations

Dog Dental Care


Dog Dentist

iPaws is a 24/7 mobile platform connecting pet owners with local Veterinarians and pet care professionals. Our service professionals offer everything from general advice on medical issues, counselling, or vaccinations, via the convenience of a phone call or a video chat. We are there for you over the phone or video chat. It’s like having “A Vet in your Pocket!”

Dog Dental Care

Finntastic Tags


Teeth Cleaning for DogsWhy did you start your business?

I was laid off at the beginning of the pandemic and was looking for something else to do. I have always loved dogs and had been looking at starting my own business in the dog industry. After a bit of research, I decided to make ID tags after hearing complaints about other tags wearing out easily. So fast forward a few months and here we are!

Describe your products.

Our tags are hand-stamped, personalized tags for your pets, made to withstand your adventures! There are many different designs and styles available to keep your pet safe and stylish.

How do you come up with your ideas for your products?

All of our tags are designed with adventures in mind. I love being outside and exploring our amazing province. Some of our ideas come from meeting different dogs and getting to know their funny personalities.

What do you and your pup like to do in your spare time?

My dog, Finnigan, is a two and a half year old Nova Scotia Duck Toller. In our spare time you can find us hiking, taking classes (agility, dock diving, rally-o). But Finn’s favourite place to be is in the water. If there is water nearby, we’ll be there.

Dental Cleaning for Dogs

The Fairy Dog Mama

Dog Dental Care

Courtney Faulkner, the Founder and Operator of Fairy Dog Mama, began working in the pet care industry in 2013. She was working at a positive reinforcement based daycare in North Vancouver and found working with dogs that had physical, mental, and emotional difficulties, super rewarding. Fairy Dog Mama currently provides private walks and live-in care for dogs and their families in North & West Vancouver. The Fairy Dog Mama is a strong believer in advocating for, and using evidence, science based methods, when interacting with and caring for dogs. This directly impacts their mental health and their behaviour. Fairy Dog Mama is on a mission to provide all dogs a safe option for their specific needs, always using a force free, compassionate approach.

Dog Dental Cleaning

Sit Stay Love Raw

Dog Dentist

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a dog lover and I have always wanted to work in the industry.

Once I started feeding my dogs raw food, I became very conscious of what I fed them. This inspired me to start making them single ingredient treats and chews because I wanted to know exactly what I was putting into their bodies. That has now transformed into something bigger and I am so happy to be able to supply so many wonderful pets with treats and chews that their owners can trust

Dog Teeth Cleaning

Miss Dapple Dog Co

Dog Tooth Cleaning

Life is short. Spoil your dog. That’s the motto behind Miss Dapple Dog Co., a new Vancouver-based small business, inspired by Mia & Patch, two dapple dachshunds on IG @miathedachshund. Our personalized pet necklaces & floral dog tags make the perfect doggy accessory to glam up your dog’s outfit. Each of our products is carefully handmade with love in our own home. We strongly believe in giving back to pet rescues & charities and so a portion of proceeds from each sale goes to help animals in need.

Teeth Cleaning for Dogs


Dog Tooth CleaningPawtanical is a Canadian company passionate about creating all-natural products for pet owners who want the best for their fur babies. We use only the highest quality natural ingredients that are good for your pet while being sustainable for the environment.

Our mission is to empower fur babies and their families (or as we like to call them…”fur families”) to live life to the fullest. At the core of our company is the desire to create lifelong memories, make a difference, strengthen connections with each other, have fun, be curious, and leave no stone unturned. 

Your pet is not “just a pet”, they’re family. Pawtanical is more than pet products, it’s a lifestyle of embracing the moment and living life to the fullest.

Tested on Friends before Pets – We wouldn’t give our pets anything that wouldn’t eat or use ourselves…that’s why we use human food grade ingredients in all of our products.

Proudly Made in Canada – All Pawtanical products are proudly grown & manufactured in Canada from hemp and other natural ingredients. From our farm, to your family. 

Hemp Health – We believe hemp is the future for pet health, human health, and the environment. All Pawtanical products are made with Canadian-grown Hemp. 

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