Get to know our team! Part 1

We love our pets like family. We know that whether it’s a groomer, a dog walker, or an anesthesia-free dental cleaner, you want to get to know them if they’re taking care of your dog. In order to help you get to know us better, we asked our staff a few questions, and here are their responses.

Dog Dental CareAmanda 

1. What kind of horseback riding and training do you do? What kind of horse do you have, what’s his/her name?

The type of horseback riding I do is called Dressage (French for ‘training’), commonly referred to as the ballet of the equestrian world, it is a highly competitive sport that requires a lot of focus and harmony between horse and rider. I’ve been a part of this sport for 15 years now. My horse, Theo, is a Canadian Warmblood (Hanoverian x Thoroughbred) and we have just begun his dressage career, aiming to begin competing early 2016!

2.  Why did you want to work with K9 Gentle Dental, and what is your favourite part?

I wanted to be a part of K9 Gentle Dental because of my love for working with animals. As a kid, I always wanted to become a veterinarian, but when I realized that there aren’t always happy endings, that changed my mind. With k9 gentle dental, seeing the amazing, positive results of a dental cleaning and regular brushing, it’s so rewarding. Not to mention cuddling with the clients afterwards!

3. What are your cat’s names, and anything cute or unique about them?

My boyfriend and I have 5 cats together after inheriting two from his mother. Their names are Felix, She-ra, Lola, George and Mao. They all have unique personalities- we are convinced Felix was a dog in his past life as he loves playing fetch, getting vigorous belly rubs, bringing sticks into the house, chasing his tail and following me where ever I go- never ending entertainment! Mao is the scrappiest out of the bunch, with three legs he is always trying to pick a fight with dogs much, much bigger than him. George is a big goofball, the aloof giant- he thinks pills are treats. Lola, our only long haired, may look like a prissy princess, but she is the serial killer of the bunch, always bringing us rodents. Despite her murderous activities, she loves being held like a baby. Last, but not least, is She-Ra, the people pleaser. When the weather is warm she lays on the sidewalk demanding belly rubs and chin scratches from anyone passing by, and is always the first one to greet you when you walk in the door.

Dog Teeth CleaningAda

1. Why did you get involved with the SPCA?

I initially began volunteering with the SPCA because I missed my dog and wanted to be more involved in the community. I started out as a dog walker, and then became a volunteer coordinator on Sundays. After two years of volunteer work, i was encouraged to apply for a position and worked there for a year before leaving to attend school.

2. Where did you take your equine massage therapy course and do you practice today?

I attended the registered equine massage therapist course at the D’Arcy Lane Institute in London, ON. It was a 2 year full time program and I graduated in the top of my class. Unfortunately I no longer practice, but I still miss my time with the horses.

3. If you could tell people one thing that is so important about pet dental health, what would it be?

The one thing I would tell people about dental health would be: try to get familiar with your dog’s mouth. The earlier, the better. That way you’re more aware of what is normal for your dog and can gauge when professional care is needed. Also, don’t forget to brush!

Dog DentistHannah

1. Another animal massage therapist! Tell us more about how you got into that profession.

I have ridden horses all my life and always been an animal lover. I was accepted into an entrepreneurship program and took a canine and equine massage therapy course in Virginia, USA. I practiced for the next two years in both Ontario and Vancouver.

2. What pets do you have?

I have a dog named Sadie who is a rescue from Big and Small Rescue. She is mostly Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever but refuses to swim! She was a foster puppy who we discovered had the parvo virus. After surviving with the amazing care from Cypress Animal Hospital, I decided I needed to keep her. She is also the inspiration for the logo for my company ( I also have a horse named Sierra.

3. You assist with the marketing for K9 Gentle Dental, what made you get into marketing and what do you love about working with K9 Gentle Dental?

I have always had a passion for business and technology, I started my first business in high school and taught myself how to code websites. Digital Marketing was the perfect mix. Some people think marketing is about deception, but good marketing is really about education. Working with K9 Gentle Dental allows me to really fulfill that theory, to educate people about anesthesia-free canine dental cleaning and provide information about other important dog care topics. It also allows me to blend my two passions, marketing and working with animals.

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