July Dog of the Month – Mutts

Welcome to Julys’ Dog Blog of the month. This month we are learning about a very special and unique type of dog. Have you ever seen an adorable dog walking down the street but you just can’t pinpoint what breed it is? You’re probably looking at a MUTT!  

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Mutts a.k.a mix breed dogs are a result of the cross breeding of 2 or more dogs of different breeds. They are different than pure bred dogs for many reasons. They are not bred to look one specific way and they are not bred for one specific job. Because they are not bred for one specific job, mutts’ main desire is to please their owners and have a family to call their own! 

 It is hard to say what the perfect family would be for a Mutt. They are each very different in their own awesome way. The most common place you will see a mixed breed dog is at the animal shelter. From puppies to seniors you will see a large variety of these cuties at your local rescue – from puppy’s who need a home to write their life story to older doggies who already have a past and need help to start fresh. Regardless of the age you decide to bring home, you are giving a dog a new family and a fresh start. Each dog will have their own personality traits that you will learn as you get to know and trust one another. 

There is a great debate about if Mutts have less chance of developing health issues and living longer than pure bred dogs. The answer is unclear as it would be in the dogs DNA! Every dog, like every person, is made up very differently, therefore what health issues one may face in their life is unclear. Initial vet visits and annual check ups are very important to help stay on top of any health issues that could arise and to keep your pup happy and healthy throughout their life.

The MUTTS of K9 Gentle Dental 

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Charlie is a two year old Great Pyrenees Husky cross. We brought him home from Cochrane Humane Society when he was 3 months old. He has so far spent his whole life getting himself into trouble, from stealing shoes, counter surfing and chasing one too many bunnies. Charlie is definitely one of a kind. He is a firm believer that he is a lap dog and will win over everyones heart with his charming eyes. Charlie is a healthy boy but, due to his size might face some joint issues as he gets older. Charlie loves all people and all dogs. His goal in life is to be everyones best friend and he is doing a pretty good job.

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Max & Tucker

Max and Tucker came from a litter of 5 puppies saved from the Calgary floods in 2013. Tucker is a bit of a weirdo, but in the best way possible. He acts like a human. When he gets excited his whole body moves and the biggest smile comes across his face! He’s always super happy when his people come home. Max is such a sweetheart and he always has been. You can always count on Max for a good cuddle at the end of the day. You can also always count on Max to jump up on the kitchen counter and steal just about anything you put there. Both Max and Tucker are happy and healthy boys and the best friends you could ever ask for. Max and Tucker are my Mutts – Shelby

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Cha Cha

Cha Cha is a 12(ish) year old Chihuahua cross from California. She is a very healthy senior lady who likes to spend her days cuddled up next to her Mom – or whoever is around to keep her warm. Her least favourite time of year is winter, but you can find her curled up in the blankets all year long! She’s not a huge fan of new experiences but has become a brand new dog since the day she was rescued in 2011 from Pamela’s Dog Rescue in Vancouver. You can always count on Cha Cha to give you a loving welcome home after a long day of work!

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Sugar is a 13(ish) year old Schnauzer Havenese cross from California. She prefers to spend her days hanging out with her Dad who is her best friend! She makes sure the house is safe by showing off her bark to everyone and every dog that passes the window. She likes to give everyone a nice warm welcome with a tail wag and a bark hello. This little lady doesn’t have a bad bone in her body and will warm up to everything and everyone if you give her time. As Sugar is getting older her joints are getting a little more stiff so she goes in for laser treatment to help keep her young and support her wild runs at the dog park. She loves looking stylish with her goggles during her treatments. She is a well kept lady who won’t be seen with a hair out of place. Suggie is one of 4 doggies in the house and she runs the show. 

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Dandy is a 9(ish) year old Corgi Jack Russel cross from California. He is a healthy boy who spends his days playing with his toys and trying to get his sisters to play with him. He is a very sensitive boy and depends on his sister Suggie to look out for him if any dogs try to cause him trouble at the dog park. Dandy came to us in 2011 from A Better Life Dog Rescue and has made our little pack better ever since.

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Mischief is a 9 year old Pug Chihuahua cross. She has a clean bill of health after some extensive dental surgery and is the most recent addition to the pack. She likes to take her time when it comes to new places and new faces but once she comes out of her shell she shows us all the attitude she has to offer. She has a loud and consistent bark and energy that never seems to run out. She is not a big fan of men but her dad and grandpa are helping her with finding out they’re actual pretty cool. Her favourite things include cuddles and toys.

If you’re looking for a special pup to add to your family visit your local rescue society

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Thanks for reading the July Dog Blog of the Month!

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