June Dog of the Month – Miniature Schnauzer

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Welcome to the June Dog Blog of the month. This month we are kicking things off with a cuteness over load. The Miniature Schnauzer!

This bold, bouncy and brave dog is quite the character. This breed loves to have a family to call its own and does very well in a family with a range of ages. They are a dog trainers dream, meaning they are very smart and quick to pick up on new tricks and tasks. The Miniature Schnauzer is a small package that has an easy time adjusting to most living environments. A small package maybe but the whole package at that!

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The Miniature Schnauzer was initially bred in Germany, unlike other terriers who come from Britain. The Mini Schnauzer is result of the cross breeding of the Standard Schnauzer, Poodle and Affenpinscher. They get their name from the German word, Schnauzer, meaning muzzle. They are known for their moustache which, back in the day were matted and became the perfect protector against their rodent pray. They were initially bred to be a hunter of small rodents as well as guard dogs. Although their size would not do much if an intruder was coming onto your land, their sharp sense of hearing can hear frequencies twice as high as humans which comes in handy when alerting you that something is amiss. They will definitely want to take care of any small critters in your yard though! Schnauzers love to throw their heads back and show off their big barks, sometimes a little more than you bargained for. You won’t miss a thing that goes by when having a Mini Schnauzer.

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Owning a Schnauzer can be a little different today than owning one years back in Germany. Although Mini Schnauzers are known for their coats, they do not shed very much and can be good for owners with allergies. Although they do not shed much this breed of dog calls for a lot of grooming. If grooming is not a regular occurrence their hair will become matted resulting in a shaved Schnauzer. Their facial hair can collect lots of bacteria coming from their mouths, when they are outside sniffing around, anywhere really. Regular baths or puppy wipes come in handy to keep their face clean and to avoid unwanted smells. Their beautiful wire double coat is seen in a range of colours; black, white, salt and pepper and silver and black. The care of Mini Schnauzers can be eased by making grooming appointments and at-home maintenance with brushing and nail trims a regular thing from Day 1.

The Mini Schnauzer can live a healthy life span of 12-15 years. During the duration of their lives, the Mini Schnauzer may be faced with some health concerns commonly seen in their breed. Cushings is frequently seen, however, more commonly seen in females than males. This condition is caused by the over production of Adrenal Cortex hormones.  Signs of this condition can be an increase of weight, thinning of their coat, increase in water intact and urination. Sudden blindness can occur due to this condition. Medication can be prescribed by your veterinarian to help manage Cushings. Many Miniature Schnauzers are prone to having dental problems. The most commonly seen dental issue in this breed is Periodontal Disease. It is important to keep up regular brushing at home as well as regular cleanings and keeping your vet in the loop with your dogs mouth from a young age. Urinary Tract Infections are commonly seen in Miniature Schnauzers. A UTI can be detected if the dog is frequently urinating more often than usual and, if blood is in the urine. UTIs are to be treated as soon as observed, if left untreated they can lead to bladder stones. Additionally, if a UTI is left untreated a more severe result could be the product of a urinary blockage which will then be treated by an emergency veterinary surgery.

With the knowledge of the breed and what to expect, the good thing is that most of these health issues can be avoided or treated. Overall, Mini Schnauzers tend to be a hardy terrier breed that make long-lasting companions. Having a Mini Schnauzer will definitely keep your house and life vibrant and full! Their devotion to their owners and their ability to find and alert you to dangers (or cats) will keep you safe and comfortable. Just make sure you entertain these smart little guys, or you might be looking at some chewed slippers. Being terriers, Mini Schnauzers tend to enjoy a good game of fetch and activities like chasing lures and solving puzzles.

If Miniature Schnauzers have charmed you in just the right way, search your local rescue groups for these handsome pups, or ask your neighbourhood Mini Schnauzer afficionado to point you in the direction of a responsible breeder. Be forewarned—these mustachioed pooches are very popular, so if you’re looking at getting a purebred, you might have to pay a pretty dime.


Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for our next dog of the month in July!


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