Teeth-friendly Toys And Treats For Your Dog

It’s easy to spoil the ones we love, and when it comes to our furry friends, there are certainly no exceptions! Treats and toys are a common go-to, but it’s easy to overlook dog dental care when reaching for a new gift for your pooch. To help avoid an expensive trip to your doggy dentist, keep reading to learn about the do’s and don’ts when it comes to selecting the best option for your K9.

The two easiest steps a dog owner can follow when selecting a new treat or toy are as follows:

  1. Use your fingernail to determine how hard the toy is. If you can’t make an indent in the treat or toy or struggle to bend it, then these objects are likely going to lead to a chipped or broken tooth.
  2. Put yourself in their paws! Imagine yourself biting into what it is that you’re buying them and consider if it would be too hard for yourself. If you think it might break your teeth, then chances are the same with your pooch. 

It’s vital to understand what to give your dog because they love chewing so much, it’s often the case that they continue to do so even when they’re hurt. Selecting the proper toys can prevent this as well as assist in dog dental cleaning, so not only do they enjoy the product, it’s also helping improve the overall health of their teeth. 

Here are some products that are harmful to your dog, and that you should avoid:

Tennis Balls

Although these are a popular choice for many dog owners, the abrasive surface of the toy often wears down your dog’s teeth and the enamel necessary for a healthy mouth. Our playful pooches that like tennis balls often have flatter teeth from the wear and tear, which can eventually lead to similar problems associated with a fractured tooth. 

Sticks & Bones

These products are often much harder than your dog’s teeth and can lead to many dental problems. They also pose the threat of splintering into sharp pieces that can stab your poor pooches palate!

Compressed Rawhide 

The risk of bacterial contamination is high with these products due to the chemical processing often found within. It’s best to stay away from these!

Frayed Rope

Although rope is a much softer alternative, the frayed pieces of it can get stuck in your dog’s teeth and lead to infection. Further, swallowing the broken off pieces can lead to intestinal damage. Yikes!

Next time you’re out shopping for your dog, reach for products like:

  • rubber toys
  • fresh produce
  • dental treats 
  • bully sticks

These alternatives are much softer on your canine’s teeth and don’t risk the chance of breaking off and hurting them! Another excellent step in caring for your dog’s teeth is taking them for a thorough teeth cleaning. Come visit us at K9 Gentle Dental and help take care of your precious pooch!


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