Tips to Help You Brush Your Dog’s Teeth

Not only does poor dental hygiene lead to gum disease and bad breath, but it can also result in tooth decay and impair your pup’s overall health. It’s important that you take the time every day to brush your dog’s teeth, and here are a few tips to help make that job easier.

Acclimate Them

Before you can dive right into brushing your dog’s teeth, you need to get them comfortable with your hands being in and around their mouth. Otherwise, they’ll likely just start biting at your fingers. Start by gently caressing their gums and tongue for a few days before you try brushing their teeth.

Begin by Rubbing Their Gums

Once your dog is comfortable having your hands near their mouth, use a soft cloth or piece of gauze to gently rub their gums. The material can be wet or dry but don’t introduce toothpaste into the mix just yet. Start at the front teeth and work your way to the back of their mouth.

Which Toothbrush is Best?

There are specially made toothbrushes to use on your dog’s teeth, but you’re also safe in using a well made, soft children’s toothbrush, especially for bigger dogs. For smaller dogs, it’s best to use specialty brushes that will fit into their mouth comfortably.

Stroke Gently

When brushing their teeth, you’ll need to be gentle, stroking the gums and teeth with the toothbrush instead of viciously working at cleaning every inch. Just as you would when brushing your own teeth, position your brush at an angle and don’t press too hard.

Use Dog Safe Toothpaste

You can’t just use your everyday toothpaste to clean your dog’s teeth, as the ingredients can be poisonous for them. Instead, use a specially formulated toothpaste for dogs that are safe for them to swallow and comes in a variety of flavours and textures. Just use a pea-sized amount and you’ll be good to go.

Intice Them with Treats

If your dog is having a hard time adjusting to having you brush their teeth, reward them after brushing a small area. This will get them moving for a bit while encouraging good behaviour. Now they’ll associate having their teeth cleaned with treat time.

Be Quick

Is your dog one of many who just don’t like to get their teeth brushed? As it’s a task that needs to be done, it’s better to do a quick job of it then not brushing their teeth at all. Keep them distracted while you spend about 30 seconds cleaning their teeth.

While it’s important that you brush your dog’s teeth at least once a day, it’s also essential to visit your local doggy dentist for a professional dental cleaning. At K9 Gentle Dental, we provide dog dental care and cleaning services in Vancouver, BC and Edmonton, AB. Both of our locations work with daycares, rescue shelters, pet stores and veterinarian clinics to provide the best care for your canine. We specialize in teeth cleaning for dogs without the use of anesthetics, so visit our website to book an appointment

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