Top Nutrients for Your Dog’s Teeth

Just as it’s important for humans to keep their mouths clean and healthy, it’s equally important to make sure your dog’s teeth are cleaned properly and efficiently. On top of brushing their teeth daily, dog’s need to be fed the right foods to aid in their oral hygiene. Unsure if they’re getting all the proper nutrients? Then this is the guide for you!

Raw and Meaty Bones

Haven’t you always wondered why dog’s love to chew on bones? Well, it’s because it works to clean their gums of course! The constant chewing strengthens their jaw muscles and cleans plaque from between your dog’s teeth. Stick to raw food though, as they contain natural enzymes that help in the prevention of bacterial plaque from forming. Cooked bones are more brittle and can splinter off when chewed, possibly damaging the tissue that makes up the intestinal tract. There’s also the risk of damage to the teeth. Veterinarians recommend larger raw bones such a marrowbone, as it offers the least chance of causing damage.


Not just miracle workers for the human body, consuming the proper amount of antioxidants helps dogs to deal with chronic oxidative stress, which can cause periodontal disease. Oxidative stress refers to damage caused to the body’s tissues and cells. For healthy periodontal tissue, an adequate balance of free radicals and antioxidants is crucial, so make sure they’re getting enough whole grains, fruits, coconut and honey sprinkled into their diet.


Popular for its impact on gut health and boosting immune function in humans, probiotics should be a constant item in your dog’s diet. As your dog’s mouth is the starting point for all digestive processes, it plays a critical role in preventing chronic inflammation of the gums and stomach. The best application is to rub the probiotics on their gums so the good bacteria can group together and form colonies. These colonies will create a healthy biofilm throughout the mouth, kicking out the harmful bacteria that causes inflammation that can lead to periodontal disease. Daily doses of the proper probiotics will improve your dog’s oral health.

Fatty Acids

Fatty acids support oral health by maintaining periodontal tissues. It can either be eaten, through foods such as fish, pork, chicken and fish oil pills, or it can be rubbed directly on your canine’s gums. While fatty acids are great for maintaining joints, fatty acids also work to support heart, kidney, brain and oral health.


Biodent is a combination of cold-pressed ground up bone, minerals, adrenal glands and other sources of meat that help to support strong teeth, connective tissues, bones and the immune system. Why is having healthy connective tissues important? Because they include the periodontal ligament which helps to keep teeth attached to the jawbone. Biodent is available through your veterinarian.

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