Ways to Tell Your Dog You Love Them

It’s a great thing to open your door after a long day of work to have your dog bouncing off the walls that you’re finally home. That, on top of many others, is a sure sign that your pup adores you. As dogs are incredibly loyal and loving, you’re sure to care for you as long as you should them the love and doggy care they deserve. Here are just a few ways you can tell your dog you love them.

Read to Your Pup

It doesn’t matter what book you choose, your dog is sure to enjoy the sound of your voice as you read to them. Whether you want to join them on the floor or have them hop onto your bed alongside you, read to them as though you were reading your child a soothing bedtime story. This can be a relaxing nighttime routine for the two of you as well as a bonding moment.

Rub Their Ears

This is the perfect trick to elevate your dog’s mood instantly. A dog’s ears are the magic spot when it comes to nerve endings, meaning that scratching their ears will send a message to the brain to release endorphins. As the body’s natural happy drug, your pup is sure to feel the love.

Converse with Them

Now, this might sound a bit crazy, but talking to your dog can be beneficial for both of you, especially if it’s just the two of you. Tell them how your day went, rehearse a big work presentation in front of them or whatever’s on your mind at any given moment. Studies have shown that the average dog can understand roughly 165 words, which can increase the more you work with them. They’ve also shown that talking to and petting your dog can lower your blood pressure.

Use Positive Reinforcement

One of the best ways to show your dog love and care is through the use of positive reinforcement while training or through everyday behaviour. Dogs usually thrive in an environment focused on structure and learning. Training using their favourite forms of motivation, whether it’s with treats, vocal praise or a nice pat on the head, and they’re sure to view you as the owner they love most. As your dog sees that they’re making you happy, it will make them happy in return.

Show Them Affection

It’s natural for your dog to crave attention at any given time of the day, especially if you’ve been gone for most of the day. Even a few minutes of belly rubs, back scratches and ear rubs can go a long way in showing your pup how much you adore them. Add in a few calming words, letting them know how safe and cherished they are. Your dog is part of the family, so treat them like it.

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