Your dog needs teeth extractions. Now what?

Teeth extractions can sound scary. Especially if your dog needs several teeth removed. Our goal is to provide the best possible care for our clients, and sometimes that means referring them to their veterinarian to have procedures like teeth extractions performed. In these situations, we are often asked questions like, “How will it affect them? How will they eat? What can I do to help?”

To help with this, we’ve added to our FAQ page with a quick answer on what you can do for your dog food-wise if they require extractions. Check it out below.

How will my dog eat if they need to go to the vet and need multiple extractions? 

Dogs are very resilient when it comes to healing and leading a normal life after dental surgery.  We have seen many dogs who have little to no teeth left who still love to grab a hold of their bully stick or their big brothers crunchy kibble! They may not even realize that any teeth are gone – they just know that they feel much better.  Some adjustments to diet may be needed but they can be very simple.  Soft food like raw can be really easy for dogs who have little to no teeth to switch to, or even soaking their favourite kibble in some warm water will soften it up enough for them to be able to eat it.  The most important thing to remember is that your dog will be happier and healthier after their bad teeth are extracted.

But what else do you need to know?

Teeth extractions are not the end of the world, although it can seem like it. All teeth have a function, but some are more important than others. Dogs have a lot of teeth, so loosing one or two is usually not going to impact their life. Even dogs who have most of their teeth extracted are usually so much happier to have a pain-free mouth, that they barely even notice the teeth are gone! They can still play with toys, eat food, and even chew soft bones. Quality of life is definitely improved when you get rid of problem teeth that are causing your dog pain.

Some people worry about aesthetics and how a mouth missing teeth will look. The good news is, dogs don’t care! Your pup will have just as many buddies at the dog park. More good news, we have seen a lot of dogs who are missing teeth and they are absolutely adorable.

Still worried? Talk to your vet about the procedure, why extraction is recommended for your dog, and pain management after the procedure to make sure your pup is well looked after and you are well informed.

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