How Your Dog’s Dental Health Affects Their Overall Wellness

Your oral care is at the top of your priorities and so should your dog’s. They don’t have the advantage of being able to brush their own teeth and verbalize to a dentist of any pain or discomfort they may have. It’s up to you to stay on top of your dog’s oral hygiene to ensure they don’t develop secondary infections. Your dog’s overall wellness can be affected greatly by their oral health. Below, we list some of the ways poor dental hygiene can negatively impact your pup.


If you’ve ever suffered from a bad toothache, then you know how uncomfortable it is. Your pup can feel the same pain, but they can’t verbalize it, so it’s up to us to know the signs and remedy any issues they may have. Many times, by the time we catch on the fact that our dog may have oral discomforts, they are at risk of additional infections. Pain is usually associated with a broken tooth or something being stuck in their molars. Regularly checking your dog’s mouth will ensure you catch these things before they develop into secondary infections.

Secondary Infections 

If minor issues affecting your dog’s oral health are not addressed when they arise, your dog will be at risk of developing secondary infections. Not only are they painful, but they also shorten your dog’s lifespan. When your dog has an infection in their mouth, which is already a breeding ground for bacteria, the toxins from the bacteria enter your dog’s bloodstream.


If your dog is suffering from oral pain, they may begin to act out through destructive chewing and snapping. They may also begin to bark and whine more. You may think they are just developing bad habits and chastise them when they are actually in pain and trying to let you know. You can check K9 videos here and understand how to discipline your dog.


Besides you, the next best thing for your dog is food. If they are having issues with their dental health, they may stop eating and drinking. If you begin to notice changes in your dog’s eating and drinking, or dramatic weight-loss, you should consult with your veterinarian.

Bad Breath 

There is a common misconception that bad breath is normal for pets. It is not and is actually a sign of poor oral health.

It’s important to stay on top of your dog’s oral hygiene to ensure they are leading a healthy and happy life!

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