Natural Remedies for Anxiety in Dogs

Many things can cause anxiety in your dog, from thunder and intense weather to other dogs and people. Illnesses can also induce anxiety in your pet, so it’s important to always visit your veterinarian when your pet is showing signs of strange behaviour. Some signs of anxiety might include incessant licking, house training issues, pulling out fur, minor aggression or other sudden behavioural changes. If you’re looking for a natural way to ease your dog’s anxiety, here are six methods you should discuss with your vet before trying them out yourself.


Changing up your dog’s diet can do wonders for treating their anxiety. Putting them on a raw or homemade diet that contains the necessary amount of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and healthy fats will improve any symptoms over time. Specific vitamins like B5 can help as well. Using whole foods is the best way to make sure your dog is getting the proper nutrients. Vitamin B5, for example, can be found in organ meats, marine fish, beef, mushrooms and eggs.

Herb and Extracts

Herbs such as lemon balm, catnip, passionflower, German chamomile and hops are just a few examples that can ease your canine’s anxiety. The best way to administer this remedy is through an extract that contains multiple herbs, dropped into their food.

Essential Oils and Aromatherapy

Whether it’s through topical use or aromatherapy, certain extremely diluted essential oils can be used to treat your dog’s anxiety. Many essential oils are toxic to dogs and should be avoided. Common oils include garlic, cloves, horseradish, juniper, oregano, tea tree and wormwood. The only essential oils that are safe to use around your dog are lavender, valerian, roman chamomile, vetiver and sweet marjoram.

CBD Oils

CBD, which stands for cannabidiol, is the non-psychoactive component found the marijuana plants. For humans, CBD can be accessed by Clicking Here and is used to ease chronic or acute pain, anxiety, stress and more. It can also be used to ease your dog’s anxiety and stress levels. However, talk to your veterinarian before administering any CBD products, as they’ll need to determine the accurate dosage for your pet. THC, on the other hand, should be kept out of reach at all times.

Flower Essences

A gentle anxiety and stress relieving treatment for dogs, flower essences can be administered orally, topically or through a spray. This makes flower essences, which are liquids crafted from flowering plants, the ideal choice for most pet owners. The most effective essences include Aspen, Mimulus, Sweet Chestnut, Rock Rose, Chestnut Bud and Larch.

Anxiety Compression Vest

Last but not least, if the above natural remedies had no effect on your canine, then it might be time to try a compression vest. Products like the Thundershirt were made to apply constant but gentle pressure to certain trigger points on your dog’s midsection. The results are a dramatic calming effect that manages various types of anxiety, either before or during the episode.

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