How Your Dog’s Dental Health Affects Their Overall Wellness

Your oral care is at the top of your priorities and so should your dog’s. They don’t have the advantage of being able to brush their own teeth and verbalize to a dentist of any pain or discomfort they may have. It’s up to you to stay on top of your dog’s oral hygiene to […]

December Dog of the Month – Bearded Collie

It’s here! Our next Dog of the Month. For December, we have chosen our furry friends, the Bearded Collie! The name is perfect for this month – who doesn’t think of Santa’s beard?! The Bearded Collie, also known as “Beardies”, are big bundles of pure love, joy and excitement. They get along with everyone! They […]

How to ‘Chews’ a Dental Chew

It’s not easy to keep your pet’s teeth clean all the time. Many pet owners, especially ones who have smaller dogs, struggle with their pet’s dental issues — despite dental supplements, brushing, and regular cleaning. However, a lot of large breed dogs don’t have the same kinds of issues! We see large dogs every day […]

Pet Dental Health Month

Around the world (the pet world, that is), February is Pet Dental Health Month–that extra special time of year where most vets in North America will offer a percentage off of dental procedures*, and where everyone learns more about their canine’s canines! We wanted to write a little bit about your pet’s dental health care […]