A K9 Gentle Dental Interview – Brynn & Tazz

In honour of the dog of the month, the Australian Shepherd, we asked one of K9 Gentle Dentals‘ very own to answer a few questions for us. Mariah is a full time cleaner and manager at K9 Gentle Dental and has been since 2016. Being one of our fabulous cleaners is not her only full time job, she’s also a dog mom to 2 beautiful Australian Shepherds – Brynn and Tazz! We asked her all the ins and outs of owning Aussies and some tips for new owners or people considering adding an Aussie to their family.

Tell us a little about your dogs and their personalities. 

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My dogs are very high energy and love to run and play ball at the park. It is very important to keep your Aussies mind stimulated and make sure to exercise them so they don’t get bored and become destructive at home. My dogs love to learn tricks and aim to please! Teaching them is fun and easy. My female Brynn is definitely more quiet and reserved when it comes to new people. She loves the people she knows and is very vibrant when she is comfortable. She is also a very strong minded dog. My little boy Tazz, on the other hand, is very outgoing and friendly towards everyone and can’t get enough cuddles from people. He is very food motivated so he is easy to win over!

What research did you do before deciding on the breed and where you got your dogs? 

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When I began my search to find a breed that would work with my lifestyle and hobbies the Australian Shepard definitely came to mind. Health risks were a major factor in my decision as these dogs can suffer from eye problems (mostly in Merle’s) and issues with certain drugs, anesthesia, and vaccines. If you are purchasing a pure bred Aussie, look into the breeder and their genetics to make sure you are purchasing a healthy puppy. I also looked into some common traits in the breed such as their herding instinct. If you have children, other dogs or take your Aussie to the dog park they might start herding. If you can enter them into agility or herding classes – that would be ideal. You also must be able to offer them a very active lifestyle and usually some kind of job. In my search for a reputable breeder I came across Country View Aussies near Seattle, Washington and drove there to see what kind of life the dogs were living and if they were well taken care of. I was absolutely impressed with the breeder and her dogs! They were well taken care of and slept free in the house. There was not a kennel in sight and the dogs had an acreage to run and play on. Finding a good breeder with healthy and happy dogs is such an important step in finding your four legged best friend.

What type of home would an Aussie fit into the best?

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The best home for an Aussie is one with older or no children and either a large yard or area to burn off their energy. Expect to spend a lot of time with your Aussie as they are a dog that loves to be involved in everything you do and be the centre of your attention. 


What are your favourite things about your dogs? 

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I absolutely love everything about my dogs! They are my little buddies and I couldn’t imagine my life without them. That being said – I do spend almost every moment that I’m not working with my dogs as they are not a breed that like to be left alone. They have so much personality, give unconditional love and of course I have to mention that I love their beautiful colouring and coats. These coats require lots of brushing and they do shed so be prepared for a lot of vacuuming! They are a double coated breed so DO NOT shave them as their hair helps in cooling them in the summer and keeping them warm in the winter.

What was the biggest challenge when raising 2 Aussie puppies? 

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The biggest challenge in raising them together was when they did something bad you never knew who did it! It takes A LOT of time and patience when teaching a puppy – let alone two of them. Australian Shepherd puppies are very influential and their puppyhood is a very important time for training. If you are thinking of getting a puppy make sure you have the time to spend with them. I booked time off work when getting my puppies to spend as much time with them as possible and allow them to adjust.

Thanks for reading our interview with Mariah, Brynn & Tazz 🙂 

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