Feel Good Look Good GIVEAWAY- Vancouver

All Paws Massage The owner of All Paws Massage, Marta Banat is an Animal Massage Professional and Reiki Master teacher. She started her own journey with holistic approaches to pet care after her dog, Rocco, was diagnosed with epilepsy. Seeing the benefits of massage first hand, she decided to take her studies further and received […]

Feel Good Look Good GIVEAWAY- Edmonton

Zen Dog Massage My name is Kat. I am an animal lover and have been my whole life. Zen Dog Massage has given me an opportunity to professionally do what I love. I am a Certified Canine Massage therapist who believes dogs can truly benefit through massage. I started Zen Dog Massage as a way […]

Feel Good Look Good GIVEAWAY- Calgary

Carly Woodhouse I have always had a dog; I find that they are the most loyal of companions, never judging, and always loving. As a Registered Massage Therapist, I often asked myself, how I could incorporate all of my training into one. The answer was simple, utilize my skills to help those who are always […]

How to Choose a Vet for Your Dogs’ Dental Care- Gavins Story

My first experience with my dog needing dental work was a few years ago. I had taken him in for his yearly check up and when they examined his teeth they told me that his two upper canines were purple in colour and they both needed a root canal. So they referred me to a […]

The In’s and Out’s of Tartar and What it does to our Dogs!

The In’s and Out’s of Tartar and What it does to our Dogs!  What exactly is plaque and tartar?  Have you ever wondered what that discoloured, porous material on your dogs’ teeth actually is? Plaque is a microbial and dental biofilm. It is a soft, sticky film that builds up on our teeth as well as […]

Doberman Pinschers – Under Anesthesia

In this blog we will be touching base on 2 different conditions that our beautiful Doberman Pinchers are prone to. These 2 conditions may cause complications when they go under anesthesia, so they should be screened prior to anesthetic as well as monitored throughout their lives.  These 2 conditions are: Dilated Cardiomyopathy This is a […]


COVID-19 has been an unfortunate change & challenge in all of our lives. Social distancing and self quarantining is providing more time to spend with your fur babies. K9 Gentle Dental is here to give you some ideas on how to keep you and your doggy entertained.  MENTAL STIMULATION Mental stimulation is super important for […]

How Your Dog’s Dental Health Affects Their Overall Wellness

Your oral care is at the top of your priorities and so should your dog’s. They don’t have the advantage of being able to brush their own teeth and verbalize to a dentist of any pain or discomfort they may have. It’s up to you to stay on top of your dog’s oral hygiene to […]

Why Do My Small Dog’s Teeth Suck?

If you have a small dog, there’s a pretty decent chance that during one of our appointments we have told you something about “loose teeth” “gum recession” “crowding” or any number of other things–or we’ve told you to go straight to the vet, come back for cleanings every 6 months. There’s a reason that a […]

Need Assistance? PADS is Here To Help

If you haven’t heard of them or seen their adorable little trainees waddling around in too-big yellow vests, then you are missing out on the amazing organization that is PADS. (Pacific Assistance Dog Society) PADS has been in operation since 1987 training and breeding dogs to help individuals with disabilities lead independent lives. They are the […]